Experience and explore JEWELRY made by hand with love from the SWEDISH island Gotland.
LENNARTSDOTTER has chosen the treasures the island has to offer and made them stay with us forever in our jewELS.

Her love of Gotland was always there. Nonetheless, Sanna decided to go abroad directly after graduation to gain experience and fulfil her dream of working in fashion and design. After stints in Austria and Spain, it was time for New York, where she got her degree and worked side-by-side with both jewellery and fashion designers.
–  After New York, I was in great need of more time, just as now, she explains.
– Here in Visby, there is no daily commute, no waiting. I have more time for family, friends, and not least, for myself and my well-being, Sanna continues.

She now works as a jewellery designer and runs the family business Wisby Ur & Guld and e-commerce site WUGO.se. She also does a lot on the side, from event coordinator to DJing. 

– ¨You have every possibility to create great things, you just have to do it¨


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